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April 1st, 2008

Starting to write is always difficult, so I am just going to begin here and see where it takes me. I am hoping to use this space to record the progress I am making on my knitting adventure. It is such fun. I have been secretly wanting to have something I can look back on and a place where I can keep more detailed notes of my projects and progress. I am a bit shy – particularly online – so this is all a little scary. But I am thinking of this as more of a personal record and not a part of the (eek!) blogosphere.

I was first taught to knit by Auntie Vi when I was maybe 6 or 7. I never took to it. She would bring round these lovely patterns for knitted dolls clothes, I think in an effort to inspire me, but it just didn’t click. For me, dolls clothes were only there to be taken off. Later, Mrs Hyams (my Infant 3 teacher) taught me again. And again I wasn’t particularly interested. But for some reason I just got it last summer.

I became interested slowly. We moved to San Francisco where it turned out that most of my friends, both old and new, were crafty types. Or aspiring crafters. And I wanted something else to do parallel to mummying. Something where I could express myself and feel like I was achieving something aside from teaching my one-year-old calculus. I think the turning point was sitting with two knitty (and otherly crafty) friends of mine. I explained that I couldn’t knit and one of them looked at me and said “but you want to learn, don’t you?”. It has been a cascading journey ever since.

Now, eight months later, I am in a sock knitting competition and am knitting my first lace shawl. I have only worked on the shawl for a few hours, but I get the feeling that there will be a lot more lace knitting in my future. The sock competition (Sock Madness) is my main inspiration for this blog. The group is warm and welcoming and the camaraderie is amazing. I have really enjoyed reading about the progress of my fellow competitors in their blogs and flickr photos. And the Ravelry group is second to none. All of which bugged me for a while to create my own space to write about this stuff too. I want to give back to and be more part of this wonderful community. So here is my blog. Welcome!

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