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April 6th, 2008

I am a participant in this year’s sock madness competition. It rocks. So fucking hard. The excitement of the build up to a pattern release is electric. The discussion about what the construction of each teaser shot is, which techniques will be in the next sock, what people are doing to prepare, etc. is fun and engaging. I am loving it.

I finished the Round 1 Zombies in four days – a personal record. The pattern was really fun to work. Having to intentionally drop a stitch was a little scary at first, but watching it go ping ping ping to make the ladder was really satisfying. I had only knit one cuff down sock before (that’s right – not a pair) and I did it on DPNs. So doing it on two circs was a first for me. Not difficult, just different to what I am used to. I was excited and motivated and was able to power on through the pair. I think they look great.

Finished Zombies

Round 2 however, is a different story. I had all the same excited build up. I looked forward to the pattern release. I was tickled by the organiser’s April Fools joke of sending the pattern out a day early. And then things just started to fuck up.

First, on Monday night, my car was broken into. Nothing was stolen, but it took a day to recover and both deal with the practicalities and the emotional stress. (I have decided to take the car in for a service and get the glass changed at the same time as the people who were going to fix the glass just couldn’t get their act together). I couldn’t really knit. I was just feeling crappy and unable to focus. I have always felt really safe here and having my window smashed in whilst the car was parked right outside the front door was a big jolt to that safe secure bubble I had imagined. I wanted to loose myself in the macro-ness of “knit purl knit purl” but it wasn’t happening.

On Wednesday morning I had an appointment with the spine clinic at UCSF. It was a very long appointment where I was x-rayed and had my (lower body) physical limits tested by a nurse. I took my knitting with me which helped while away some of the waiting time. Apparently I am not very agile or flexible – I had always thought that everyone was like this. After reviewing my physical abilities and x-rays, the doctor came in to chat with me. Turns out I have fractured my spine. A long time ago. Like when I was twelve or thereabouts. They have given me some drugs (which don’t appear to be working so far) and sent me to physical therapy and are going to do an MRI to determine what the next course of action should be. Which may be an operation. On my spine. I am freaking out somewhat about this. It makes me feel sick in the squicky way.

All of which has kept me from the real, serious matter in hand which is sock knitting. And as of yesterday afternoon, I am out of the competition. All twenty places in my division have been taken. I am about three quarters of the way through. I need to do another half a pattern repeat on both feet and then decrease for the toes.

progress on Reversai - Sock Madness Round 2

I also started Laminaria last weekend. I will write more about it later. For the moment I will just say that I completely love it. Passionately. When I will ever wear a pink lace shawl I don’t know. But I had to knit it. I just couldn’t help myself. Here it is so far.


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