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Sewn Picot Edging

June 17th, 2008

Sewing down the picot edging on the Biological Clock socks is turning into a complete nightmare. Not fun, pleasurable or any of the things that I love about knitting. I am either going to tear my hair out over this or work out a a way of doing this less painfully.

What is involved with a sewn picot bind off is a row of *k2tog yo* at the point where the top edge is going to be, and then a few more rows of knitting to make what will be the hem. As I am binding off the cuff of a sock, my hemmed section is ribbed, but I assume that in other cases it may be plain stockinette.

For my first attempts, I put the live stitches onto waste yarn and tried sewing it down from there, but it was difficult finding the live stitches because they dropped down, dragging the waste yarn with. Pulling one stitch up would drop it’s neighbour and it was just really frustrating.

I ended up putting the stitches back on the needle in the hope that it would be easier. Another thing that was frustrating was that I couldn’t seem to sew the stitches down in a straight line. Because I was tightening the stitches as I went along, it was difficult to see which row of purl bumps I was supposed to be picking up. This continued to be the case with the live stitches back on the needle.

I have unpicked back to the beginning about ten times and I am *so* frustrated at this point. I started sewing down the stitches without tightening them, and it seems to be more successful this way. I am not convinced that this is the easiest way (tightening up the stitches is as much of a pain as trying to unpick them) and I think I might try picking up the purl row with a smaller needle and sewing them off together like that. We shall see what happens.

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