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July 16th, 2008

There may be a lack of knitting content for a while due to my enabler husband persuading me to play Final Fantasy Tactics A2. There was some hope for my knitting when I discovered that the shoulder buttons on my DSlite are completely broken (meaning I couldn’t select players to go into battle), but as we are a two DS household I am able to use the trusty old DS chunky that I gave to Yoz when he bought me the small shiny black box of heaven.

There *has* been some knitting – I finished the biological clocks, I am putting in the afterthought heels of the round 4 Sock Madness socks and I have made a start on the round 5 ones (a lovely, easy stitch pattern that makes them a fast knit). I got over the last hiccup on the Laminaria but have now made another mistake that needs tinking back to fix. I ended up with the wrong stitch count after knitting whilst watching TV. Serves me right, really.

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