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It’s Been A Long Time

December 8th, 2008

There has been knitting though. I finished my Laminaria and blocked it on the guest bed (it was too large for the blocking board that I received as a birthday present). Blocking it was really scary as I was afraid that I would put my hand through it or break the yarn somehow. To be honest, I could have stretched it out more than I did, but I will know for next time.

I should have stretched the shawl width-wise, across the shoulders

I should have stretched the shawl width-wise, across the shoulders

I am so pleased with it. I can hardly believe that I made it. As soon as it was blocked, I started a scarf from Nancy Bush’s Knitted Lace of Estonia. I have no pictures yet, but it is lovely. I am doing nupps for the first time which has been fun. I can understand why some people don’t like them, though. Apparently I am quite a tight knitter (I have to go up at least a couple of needle sizes if I want to get gauge) so nupps are quite a challenge for me. I have to completely let go of the yarn to have any hope of catching all of the stitches on the way back (nupps are knitting into the same stitch and then doing a yarn over many times – it turns one stitch into many. On the next row those stitches are all purled together, which means getting the needle into five or seven stitches depending on the size of the nupp).

I also cast on for this season’s “must have” accessory – the Silk Garden Striped Scarf by Jared Flood. Although I am using Kureyon Sock yarn in the rainbow colourway. I originally bought the yarn to make a shawl of some kind (I love the long colour changes), but when I got the yarn home, I realised that my dad might really like to have something made from it (I made him a scarf last year that was a complete disaster. It is my one failure so far!).

This is a photo of the first go at it. I cast on 55 stitches and worked the scarf from there. Unfortunately I made a complete mess of the slipped stitch edging (see my comment about knitting tightly above!) that I didn’t thing would be corrected in blocking. I also wanted to keep open the option of slightly felting the scarf, and I felt that it was slightly too narrow to do that.

I frogged the lot and started again with a cast on of 70 stitches. I made a concerted effort to keep the edges loose, but I am still unhappy about how it looks. The edge where the yarn is carried up the side looks sloppy to me, and I may frog it again.

However, the post man has just turned up with my knitpicks order. My grandma wanted to buy the kiddo a warm jumper, so I asked her if she would like to buy the yarn and I would make him one. Both the pattern (ravelry link) and the yarn (the dusk colourway) have now arrived, so everything else is on hold until this is finished. I need to complete this before my parents leave so that they can take pictures back to my grandparents of him wearing it. Wish me luck!

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